Statement by MPP Mitzie Hunter on Labour Day

  • Community Update

Mitzie Hunter, MPP for Scarborough-Guildwood today issued the following statement on Labour Day:

On Labour Day, we celebrate workers across Canada and the landmark victories of labour activists that contribute to our labour laws. As a result of decades of this work, Ontario’s workplaces are safer, more equitable, and more just.

As we celebrate the victories for workers in this province, we should also reflect on the challenges we still face. Labour and employment are important issues in my riding of Scarborough-Guildwood, where many of my constituents are precariously employed. Strong protections for workers, a living wage, and resources for innovation and retraining will be necessary to build a strong future for workers in our province.

From introducing a $15 minimum wage and mandatory sick days for workers to improving the safety of Ontario workplaces, I am proud of the Ontario Liberal Party’s record on making life safer and more affordable for our province’s workers. In spite of the current Conservative government’s rollbacks to protections for workers including loosening overtime rules for employers and freezing the minimum wage at $14, I will continue to be a champion for labour rights and stand against cuts and deregulation that jeopardize the future health and prosperity of our province.

I wish everyone in this province a happy and relaxing Labour Day.