Open Letter to Minister Lecce re: Funding for School Boards

  • Provincial News

Dear Minister Lecce,

I recently received urgent correspondence from the Poplar Road Junior Public School Parent Council in my riding of Scarborough-Guildwood outlining their concerns and requests for a safe re-opening of their school in September.

The Poplar Road Parent Council have expressed concern that the current Toronto District School Board(TDSB) plan does not allow for adequate funding of PPE, physical distancing, ventilation, and contactless handwashing and water stations.

These parents are desperately concerned for the safety of all involved in re-opening schools. This is evident in their offer to help fundraise and their willingness to delay the opening of schools to allow for the logistics involved in the implementation of necessary safety measures.

Parents should not have to reach into their pockets and plead in order for their children to return to a safe learning environment. With mere weeks left before schools are slated to re-open, they should have answers to their very basic concerns regarding how their children will logistically move about their school day and how they will stay protected.

I urge you to listen to the calls of concerned parents and educators who are imploring your government to ensure that schools are safe places to learn and work as we live alongside the COVID-19 pandemic. School boards need adequate funding to allow them to create a safe environment for all. Based on the concerns raised by the Poplar Road Parent Council, parents, and educators across the province, the funding announced by your government is insufficient to meet school boards’ needs to plan for a safe return.


Mitzie Hunter

MPP Scarborough-Guildwood