New Hydro Measures Provide Stability, but not Savings

  • Provincial News

Over the past 3 months, Ontario’s families have made enormous sacrifices to keep our province safe from COVID-19. Workers have stayed home wherever possible, post secondary students have pivoted to distance learning, and children have had their school year cancelled. While doing their part by staying home, many families have faced steep financial impacts.

On May 26, I wrote to Minister Rickford to request that the off-peak time of use electricity rates be extended until the pandemic subsides, to offer stability and savings to Ontarians who are staying home. This measure would have been particularly important to our seniors and vulnerable members of society on fixed incomes.

Sadly, the fixed COVID-19 Recovery Rate announced on June 1 will not provide relief for Ontario families. Compared to the regular time-of-use electricity pricing, the new measure will only save families $1.40 per month, and commercial electricity users will pay an additional $3.00 per month. 

People expect more from their government. They deserve support during these times of unprecedented hardship. Unfortunately, this announcement falls far short of the help that Ontarians so desperately need.