MPP Mitzie Hunter Responds to the September Labour Force Survey

  • Provincial News

“Today’s Labour Force Survey from Statistics Canada shows that women and Black, Indigenous, and Ontarians of colour are hardest-hit by the COVID-19 recession. Recovery is slower for these groups which are still seeing unemployment rates above pre-pandemic levels.

“I have been ringing the alarm since the spring that the Premier needs to bring these groups into the plans for economic recovery, and without this action, there has been little movement for Ontarians at the margins.

“I am calling once again on the Premier to invest in supports, including programs and grants for training and reskilling. After months of shutdowns and restrictions, those who have lost their livelihoods need a plan that will get them back to work and back to business.

“The chaos created by a failed back-to-school implementation has taken a toll on low income families with young children and this is creating a further strain on people’s ability to go back to work.

“As the second wave of the pandemic is gearing up and further restrictions and shutdowns are on the horizon, the economic outlook is not sunny, and it’s women and BIPOC who will pay the cost.