MPP Hunter Responds to FAO Report: Economic and Budget Outlook

  • Provincial News

TORONTO, ON – Today Mitzie Hunter, MPP Scarborough-Guildwood responded to the Financial Accountability Office’s report ”Economic and Budget Outlook: Assessing Ontario’s Medium-Term Budget Plan.”

“This government does not have a plan to fix hallway healthcare – they have a plan to make it worse. They will continue this agenda of cuts and scrimp for savings off the backs of students, seniors, and hospital patients,” said Hunter. 

The FAO report shows that the PC government plans to spend 10% less on programs over the next five years, despite increasing demands on public services. 

The government plans on cutting spending by an average of $1070 per Ontarian. With demands increasing on services like healthcare and education, the government will be $5 billion short of the required resources to meet demand. 

“These services are essential, and the planned cuts are unsustainable. Once again, the government’s planned cuts demonstrate a cruel indifference to the well-being of Ontarians,” finished Hunter.