MPP Hunter Responds to Concerns about a She-cession

  • Provincial News

TORONTO, ON – Today Mitzie Hunter, MPP Scarborough-Guildwood responded to the May Labour Force Survey:

May’s unemployment rate is at the highest level since 1976. Canada’s economy is reopening and starting to recover for the COVID-19 pandemic, however Ontario is the only province that continues to lose jobs.

“While cultural life remains largely closed, service-sector jobs in restaurants, accommodation, and tourism have all but disappeared,” Hunter points out. “They are at risk of not returning next season without urgent and immediate support from the Ontario government.”

“Women work in service-sector jobs at higher rates than men, and women with children will face higher barriers to return to work without childcare being widely available. It is clear the she-cession continues in Ontario, as the he-recovery picks up pace, with men doubling the rate of woman in the total employment increases,” noted Hunter.

For thousands of Ontario youth, summer employment opportunities are no longer available. Our young people need this summer employment to fund their savings for post-secondary education, which has become even more expensive as a result of the Premier’s deep cuts to OSAP.

“At a time when young people need further support, I am calling on Premier Ford to immediately reverse cuts to OSAP, so that students can afford to begin or continue their studies in the fall, and provide further programs and supports to help Ontario’s youth develop valuable workplace skills,” Hunter concludes.