In the Recovery, Premier Ford is Leaving Women and Youth Behind

  • Provincial News

Today Mitzie Hunter, MPP Scarborough-Guildwood responded to the June Labour Force Survey:

The numbers released by Statistics Canada today show that employment recovery for mothers with school aged children is slower to rebound to pre-COVID levels than employment for fathers.

“As Ontario looks toward economic recovery, it is clear that women, youth, and low-wage workers are being left behind. Childcare spaces are severely limited, summer camps are closed, school is out for the summer and uncertain to return to full back to school learning. Mothers are balancing many roles – teacher, caregiver – but in many cases this comes at the expense of their regular employment,” Hunter argued.

The report also showed that low-wage earners faced higher rates of unemployment, and for low-wage earning women, that employment is slower to return. Since May, employment among men has recovered to 92.3% of pre-COVID level, compared to woman at 89.2%.  Youth and students are facing a tough job market, and employment remains lower than pre-COVID levels. These gaps hinder the career trajectory, growth, and lifetime earning potential for women. For youth, this unemployment comes at a particularly critical time to their career and skills development.

“I have rung the alarm bell time and time again that women, youth, and low-income Ontarians are falling through the cracks. I proposed real steps that Premier Ford can take today to support our at-risk populations – but he is not interested in taking action on a real plan for Ontarians or for our province’s economic recovery,” continued Hunter. “The Premier continues to pass the buck to the federal government to finance programs and supports, but we have real work to do here at home. Instead of ramming through legislation to grant himself broad emergency powers or to recklessly speed up evictions for Ontarians, Premier Ford needs to get to work to plan for our province to recover,” Hunter concluded.