Conservative Government Choosing to Spend Less on Ontario’s Future

  • Provincial News

TORONTO, ON – Today Mitzie Hunter, MPP Scarborough-Guildwood responded to the 2019 Fall Economic Statement.

The Fall Economic Statement is a continuation of the Conservative government’s deep cuts to programs and services across this province. It pulls funding away from our province’s future. 

“It’s a disgrace that this government refuses to bank on Ontario’s future. If we don’t invest in children, education, and the environment, there will be no future to build,” said Hunter.

Over the next few years the government will spend $600 million less on services for children and youth –  $600 million in programs and services taken away from vulnerable families with children. This government has once again prioritized cuts over kids, leaving families scrambling. 

This government is choosing to spend less on education per pupil, raising class sizes, cutting 5 thousand teaching positions and forcing students to take untested online courses. 

“The Conservative government’s reckless cuts to post secondary education has left thousands of students in financial hardship and today’s Fall Economic Statement has made no strides in alleviating this burden,” said Hunter.

After gutting the environmental policies of the former Liberal government, the Ford government still has no real plan for the environment. This climate crisis requires real action, not empty promises and delays.

Healthcare spending is not keeping pace with the increasing demand on our over-strained system. In actual dollars, the investments announced today will not meet the needs of our system tomorrow.

This government’s unwillingness to invest in children and youth, education, the environment, and healthcare shows their disregard for Ontario’s future.