Conservative Government Chooses Cuts over Students

  • Provincial News

TORONTO, ON – Today, Mitzie Hunter, MPP Scarborough-Guildwood responded to the Financial Accountability Office (FAO) report “Expenditure Estimates 2019-2020: Ministry of Education.”

“The report estimates a loss of 10,054 teachers by 2024. These cuts are short-sighted, callous and puts the future of our province at risk,” said Hunter. 

This government’s cuts will push higher class sizes onto fewer teachers.  This is not a student-centred decision. They are deliberately compromising the quality of education in Ontario.

These changes have not been welcomed by students, who will bear the brunt of these cuts. An earlier report from the Ontario Student Trustees Association showed that 95% of student respondents strongly disapproved of the Ford government’s mandatory e-learning requirements.  Other reports have indicated that students are struggling to get into classes they need to graduate or for post-secondary programs because they’re full. 

“The FAO report shows that, in an effort to pursue savings, the conservative government is choosing cuts over students. These poorly planned decisions will put the future growth of Ontario at risk at a time when we face rising enrollment,” finished Hunter.