Ford Focused on Unions, Not Students

  • Provincial News

“Premier Ford’s government has demonstrated a lack of competency or care when it comes to preparing for the upcoming school year.

“With only 3 weeks left until the school year begins, parents still don’t have the information they need to make an informed choice about their children’s school year. They don’t have certainty about how their children’s day and school year will be structured, or what the inside of their classrooms will look like.

“The Minister of Education unlocked school board reserve funds instead of providing a real investment or plan, to allow for ‘flexibility’ while the province is sitting on $12.8B in the COVID-19 contingency fund and reserves.

“Premier Ford touts the flexible approach by pointing to areas outside of Toronto that have low rates of infection but the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), the province’s largest board, is in an ongoing COVID-19 hotspot.

“The Ford government offloaded responsibility to the boards to formulate their own reopening plans with minimum investment and support. The TDSB put forward a plan that allowed flexibility and saved money, however the government rejected it, just so they can continue to push their scarecrow agenda of blaming the unions for an unprepared school reopening.

“Premier Ford has no one to blame but himself for this haphazard approach to reopening schools. Instead of picking a fight with unions, he should be listening to them and other education experts.”