Financial Watchdog Confirms Conservative Government Inflated Deficit

  • Provincial News

TORONTO, ON – Today Mitzie Hunter, MPP Scarborough-Guildwood responded to the Financial Accountability Office (FAO) report on Ontario’s 2018-19 deficit.

Today, the province’s financial watchdog reported that in 2018-19, Ontario recorded a budget deficit of $7.4 billion, $4.3 billion lower than the $15 billion deficit figure thrown around by the Ford government. 

“This government continues to paint a bleak picture of Ontario’s finances when in fact, they inherited a strong economy. Ontario needs to know that the $15 billion deficit never existed and the Premier will continue to use this figure to justify cuts to essential services across Ontario,”  said Hunter.   

By perpetuating the myth of a  financial crisis in Ontario, they have prioritised political interests rather than the well-being of Ontarians. Ontario’s per-capita spending is 20% lower than the rest of Canada – and Ford continues to squeeze funding from vital programs and ministries,” said Hunter. 

“It’s time for this government to come clean with the people of Ontario,” said Hunter.