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  • March 11, 2014

Enhanced Access to Community Exercise and Falls Prevention Classes for Scarborough-Guildwood Seniors

Ontario Helping More Seniors Stay Healthy, Active and Independent

As part of reforms to physiotherapy services, Ontario is increasing access to publicly funded exercise and falls prevention classes in Scarborough-Guildwood to help more seniors stay healthy and independent. 

To help approximately 130,000 more seniors stay active, healthy, and able to live in their own home longer, community exercise and falls prevention classes are being expanded to more locations across Ontario.

In Central East, 5191 seniors will have access to classes in a variety of settings including retirement homes, community centres and seniors’ apartment buildings. Classes are publicly funded, and free to all seniors. 

In Scarborough-Guildwood, exercise and falls prevention classes are now available at:

Village Apartments

50 Tuxedo Court, Scarborough M1G 3S3

Cedarbrook Lodge Retirement Residence

520 Markham Road, Scarborough M1H 3A1

Scarborough Retirement Residence

148 Markham Road, Scarborough M1M 2Z8

Guildwood Retirement Residence

65 Livingston Road, Scarborough M1E 1L1

Cedarbrae Manor

65 Greencrest Circuit, Scarborough M1G 3T9

Morningside Apartments

4205 Lawrence Avenue, Scarborough M1E 4S6

West Hill Apartments

4175 Lawrence Avenue, Scarborough M1E 4T7

Ehatare Retirement Home

40 Old Kingston Road, Scarborough M1E 3J5

Eesti Kudo

50 Old Kingston Road, Scarborough M1E 4Y1

Momiji Health Care Society

3555 Kingston Road, Scarborough M1M 3W4

TAIBU Community Health Centre

4301 Kingston Road, Scarborough M1E 2N1

For more information on how to access classes in the community please contact Central East LHIN at 1-866-804-5446.

Providing better care for seniors supports the government’s Action Plan for Health Care and its commitment to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place. It is also part of the government's economic plan that is creating jobs for today and tomorrow by focusing on Ontario's greatest strengths – its people and strategic partnerships.


“This is an important investment. It means that more seniors in Scarborough-Guildwood will now have access to free classes which will help them to live active lives and stay in their own homes. I want to encourage all seniors who might benefit from this free programming to take full advantage of it.” 

— Mitzie Hunter MPP, for Scarborough-Guildwood

“We are taking action to ensure more seniors in Ontario can access high-quality community exercise and falls prevention classes. This initiative is part of our plan to help seniors in more places across the province stay healthy, active and independent in their own homes.”

— Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care


  •  Falls can significantly impact the quality of life for seniors, which may include injuries, loss of confidence and curtailing activities leading to an overall decline in health and mobility.
  • Regular activity positively affects seniors’ overall well-being, functional capacity, strength, ability to manage chronic conditions, and contributes to a reduction in hospitalizations.
  • Ontario is investing $10 million for community exercise and falls prevention classes for approximately 130,000 seniors throughout the province.
  • Overall, Ontario is investing $156 million annually to support enhanced access to physiotherapy, exercise and fall prevention services to more than 200,000 additional seniors and eligible patients.


More ways the government is helping seniors to stay healthy, active and independent.

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