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Electricity Agreement to Provide Economic Benefits for Constance Lake First Nation

Ontario and Constance Lake First Nation Sign Agreement

Ontario and the Constance Lake First Nation have signed an historic electricity agreement that will provide economic benefits for the First Nation community moving forward.

The agreement between the province and Constance Lake First Nation, a partner in the Shekak-Nagagami hydro-electric project, will provide stable, long-term revenue to Constance Lake based on electricity generated by the project. The Shekak-Nagagami hydro-electric project is a 19 megawatt (MW) facility located on the Shekak River, approximately 80 km west of Hearst. The First Nation has been a partner in the project for over 20 years, but has not received any benefits to date.

This collaborative agreement supports a more prosperous future for the people of Constance Lake First Nation and is a result of discussions between Constance Lake First Nation, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation. The agreement exemplifies the objectives of the 2015 Political Accord being realized, by working together with a community to achieve reconciliation.  

This agreement with Constance Lake is one of many steps on Ontario’s journey of healing and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. It reflects the government’s commitment to work with Indigenous partners, creating a better future for everyone in the province.

Quick Facts

  • The agreement was facilitated through the Ministry of Energy’s Grievance Table process, a forum for First Nations and the Ministry of Energy to work towards resolving specific energy infrastructure grievances.
  • The agreement will result in approximately $1 million to $1.2 this year for Constance Lake First Nation and increase at 70 per cent of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) annually in future years.
  • Constance Lake First Nation is affiliated with the Matawa Tribal Council and is a member of the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation.
  • Constance Lake First Nation is located 34 kilometres west of Hearst. Approximately 850 people live on reserve and over 800 people live off reserve.


"Constance Lake First Nation’s Agreement with Ontario is precedent setting. Working within a collaborative process, rooted in mutual trust and respect, we have strengthened our relationship with Ontario. The revenue committed to under the Agreement will help build capacity, strengthen our culture and improve community wellness for decades to come. We will continue to walk the path of reconciliation with Ontario, mindful of the past, with a clear vision of a better future for the people of Constance Lake First Nation."

Chief Rick Allen
Constance Lake First Nation


"The province's agreement with Constance Lake First Nation is an important example of the 2015 Political Accord between First Nations and the Government of Ontario coming to life. Together, over almost two years, we participated in an open, respectful and innovative process that will now result in long-term benefits and increased prosperity for Constance Lake First Nation."

Glenn Thibeault
Minister of Energy


"Our government reached an agreement with Constance Lake First Nation that will help the community benefit from the Shekak-Nagagami hydro-electric project. The reliable revenue stream from this project will go a long way in improving economic development opportunities within the community, exemplifying how First Nations and the province can work collaboratively to reach mutually beneficial solutions. This is one of many steps on Ontario’s journey of healing and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples."

David Zimmer
Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation

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