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  • September 14, 2018

Statement on Bill 31

TORONTO, September 13, 2018 - As the Provincial representative of Scarborough-Guildwood I feel strongly regarding the recent procedures and their impact in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The uncertainty Toronto residents are having to deal with is unjust and sets a dangerous precedent moving forward. Any erosion of people’s rights is a slippery slope; we should all shudder to think of what could happen next.

Premier Ford’s use of the notwithstanding clause for the first time in Ontario’s history reintroduces a bill the courts have deemed violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Bill 31 attempts to limit the number of Toronto City councillors from 47 to 25 in the middle of an election.

Today City Council voted 26-10 in order to instruct the city lawyer to do everything in their power to defeat Bill 31. This creates a great deal of uncertainty and doubt as to the clerk’s ability to hold a fair election on Oct.22.

As your Provincial representative I assure you I will make my voice heard on behalf of my constituents. The use of this heavy-handed clause is an affront to the independent judicial system, the hard working staff and elected officials at City Hall as well as all Torontonians. To place such a high level of burden on the City will only serve to create more chaos. It is the people who will suffer.

Premier Ford is “doubling down” on his decision despite the ruling and five years of consultations leading to the 47-seat council. It shows a disdain for local democracy, and that’s wrong. The Charter exists to unify us around a set of rights, rights that tie us together as Canadians and as Ontarians. Doug and his Conservatives are attempting to divide our great city – a move I feel is deeply damaging for the City of Toronto. What I’m hearing from the people of Scarborough is that their trust has been broken.

Premier Ford and his Conservatives are attempting to divide our great city by taking out his personal vendettas – this move is deeply damaging for the City of Toronto and Scarborough and I will not stand silent on this issue. 


Jordan Chevalier                                                                                                                                  (416) 325-4800                                                                                                                                                                

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