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  • August 14, 2018

Enough is Enough: Gun Violence Must End

Allowing Municipalities to Ban the Sale of Ammunition

QUEENS PARK – Last month, the City of Toronto passed a motion calling on the Federal government to ban the sale of handguns within the City and the province to ban the sale of hand gun ammunition in Toronto. This comes shortly after another shooting occurred in the city, costing the lives of two young women.

Today, Mitzie Hunter, MPP for Scarborough-Guildwood is introducing a Private Members Bill calling on the provincial government to allow municipalities to ban the sale of ammunition within their boundaries. This bill, if passed, allows the provincial government to do its part to stop the violence in our communities. Joined by Nathalie Des Rosiesr, MPP for Ottawa-Vanier, MPP Hunter spoke on behalf of Scarborough residents she met with Monday expressing growing concerns in the community surrounding gun violence.

This year alone, Toronto has registered 228 shootings and 29 gun deaths, up from 205 shootings and 17 gun homicides this time last year.

The Ontario Liberal Caucus is committed to working with all parties in the Legislature to secure speedy passage of the bill and permit the end of the sale of hand gun ammunition in Toronto. A multi-faceted approach to tackling gun violence is needed. One that works together with all levels of government - federal, provincial and municipal, local police authorities, communities and invests in support for children and youth.

To read the Private Memeber's Bill to End Gun Violence, please click the following: 

Bill 30, Fighting Back Against the Handguns Act

A Blueprint for Reduicing Gun Violence in Toronto

MPP Introduces Private Memeber's Bill to Curb Gun Violence in Ontario


“The time to act is now. We cannot stand by and watch another family lose a life to gun violence. Recent incidents of gun violence in our city is deeply disturbing and should be an issue where we all stand united to take action. That’s why I am introducing a Bill allowing municipalities to ban the sale of ammunition within their boundaries. There is more to do, but if the Bill should pass, this is one step that can help make our streets safer.”

Mitzie Hunter, MPP for Scarborough-Guildwood

“Giving the power to municipalities to ban the sale of ammunition allows them to tailor their policies to the needs of their community.  Banning sale of ammunition is one of the many steps that can be taken to reduce gun violence.  Making it more difficult for gang members to purchase ammunition to load their weapons will help save lives. It also reduces the possibility of suicides by firearms.  This initiative is truly in the public interest. ”

Nathalie Des Rosiers, MPP for Ottawa Vanier

“The banning of hand gun ammunitions in our city is an important step toward reducing gun violence. By limiting access to the lethal hardware that injures and takes lives, we can make our cities safer for everyone. This is a straightforward and timely bill that contributes to a comprehensive approach to gun violence. I call on all members of the house to pass this bill at the earliest opportunity.”

Neil Price, is Associate Dean, School of Social and Community Services at Humber College and author of the Community Assessment of Police Practices report on carding

“ZGVM throws full support behind any legislative initiative to address the gun violence crisis that is destroying the fabric of our City. Communities and families are paying a severe price in so many ways as many are losing their lives. The gun violence crisis is not being addressed with a comprehensive pro-active strategy and this must change. MPP Mitzie Hunter's private member's bill to to restrict the purchase and sale of gun ammunition in Ontario is a bold initiative to help address the gun violence crisis. Passing of this bill has to be part of an overall and comprehensive anti-gun violence strategy that also addresses the socio-economic conditions which allows gun violence to become an option for so many. All levels of government have a leadership role to ensure the safety of all citizens from gun violence, not only in Toronto - but across Ontario and Canada. The municipal government, if given the proper authority by the provincial government and directed by the passing of this bill - can help to reduce gun violence by restricting the purchase and sale of gun ammunition to those legislated for these transactions.”

Louis March, is the founder of Zero Gun Violence

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