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Progress Made on Over 200 Infrastructure Projects Since April

New and Revitalized Infrastructure Improving Life for People Across Ontario

Ontario is building safe, reliable infrastructure to help create jobs and ensure a bright future for the province. Since April, the province has announced support for more than 200 projects that will keep people and goods moving, strengthen the economy, connect communities and improve quality of life.

These much-needed investments are supported by a number of initiatives, including broadening the ownership of Hydro One -- an approach that raises billions for infrastructure while ensuring consumers are protected. By unlocking the value of provincial assets, the government is supporting critical projects in cities, towns, and rural and remote communities all across Ontario.

This is part of the largest investment in infrastructure in Ontario's history -- more than $130 billion over 10 years -- which will support more than 110,000 jobs per year on average. Between April and September, the government announced projects including:


  • 66 projects to improve over 275 kilometres of roads, highways and bridges -- longer than the distance between Kingston and Toronto.
  • 51 water and wastewater projects that will ensure clean, safe drinking water for more than 1 million residents across Ontario.
  • 14 school projects that benefit over 130,000 students, from kindergarten to postsecondary, each year -- equivalent to the population of St. Catharines.
  • 19 hospital projects across 12 communities throughout the province.
  • More than 20 transit projects and service enhancements that will keep millions of people moving each year.


Modernizing public infrastructure is part of the government's four-part plan to build Ontario up. The plan also includes investing in people's talents and skills, creating a dynamic, innovative environment where business thrives, and building a secure retirement savings plan.

Quick Facts

  • Since 2003, the province has invested nearly $100 billion in public infrastructure.
  • Research shows that every $100 million of public infrastructure investment in Ontario boosts GDP by $114 million, particularly in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

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