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100 Days of Progress

Ontario Government Creating Jobs, Growing Economy and Helping People in Their Everyday Lives

After 100 days in office, the Ontario government has introduced real, positive change across the province. 

Since being sworn in on Feb. 11, Premier Kathleen Wynne has held a series of jobs roundtables across the province, convened the first Northern Cabinet meeting in 18 years, met with eight foreign government officials and five premiers.

The government created the first Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities to advise on how the province can best support young people, and outlined a comprehensive Youth Jobs Strategy. It also announced funding for a new venture capital fund to support emerging start-ups and foster innovation, and re-introduced the Local Food Act that would bring more local food to schools, stores and restaurants.

And on May 2, the government presented the 2013 Budget - its plan to create jobs, strengthen the economy and help people in their everyday lives. Premier Wynne and her cabinet team outlined plans in the Budget to: 

  • Make smart infrastructure investments - the 2013 Budget provides more than $35 billion for infrastructure over the next three years that would support more than 100,000 jobs on average each year;
  • Create a $100 million fund for small, rural and Northern municipalities to address roads, bridges and other infrastructure;
  • Help 46,000 more people receive home and community care quickly and in the comfort of their own home;
  • Provide tax relief to small businesses to help them create more jobs by increasing their Employer Health Tax exemption;
  • Reduce auto insurance rates by 15 per cent on average for nine million drivers;
  • Take steps to transform social assistance to help more recipients find jobs and improve their financial security. 

Premier Wynne and her team are also working to: 

  • Strengthen protection for consumers by proposing new rules for wireless contracts and services as well as strengthening consumer rights in the areas of door-to-door sales, debt settlement services and real estate transactions;
  • Continue transforming the health care system by investing in research and expanding nursing scope of practice;
  • Ensure a sustainable horse racing industry by asking the Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel to draft a long-term plan;
  • Ensure sustained long-term operations of the Experimental Lakes Area by working collaboratively with the federal  government and the Government of Manitoba;
  • Continue efforts to modernize the OLG;
  • Support regional economic development through programs such as the Eastern Ontario Development Fund, the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund, and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation.

 Premier Wynne has been consulting with the people of this province every step of the way to ensure that everyone's voices are represented in the legislature, and that change is introduced in an effective, accountable manner. She will continue to be active in communities across Ontario as part of her efforts to create a bright future for the entire province.

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